The leading manufacturer of PA66GF25 insulating strips

In 2003, We started to develop PA66GF25 insulating strips for the construction industry. With years of hard work, We have set up our unique and complete production system,including plastic raw aterial modification,precise tooling and advanced extrusion technology. The quality of our products has been approved one of the best in the industry.
●Production scale

With more than 50,000 square meter standard workshop, Xingao’s annual output of insulating strip is more than 200 million meters, selling both in the domestic and international market

●Raw materials modification

With more than 20 years experience in engineering plastic modification, Xingao? has the capacity over 20,000 tons modified plastic material.

●Mould development

Xingao? has numbers of precise tooling machinery from Switzerland and Germany. The lead time of making new mould is the shortest in the industry.

●Special shaped strip development

Xingao? has an experienced team for the developing of special shape insulating strip.

●Testing technology

With the advanced testing equipment. Xingao’s testing center can do all the relevant performance testing , both for raw material and finished products.

●Transport and logistics

Xingao? is very close to Ningbo and Shanghai. The advantage of convenient transportation guarantee the on time delivery.

Xingao advantage

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